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A villain is only a villain until he decides to become a hero.

Angels in Darkness by A. R. Conti Fulwell

Available in E-book format. Paperback

Darkness only lasts as long as the light allows.

Now Lord of Casatona, Signore Piero Catone does not take well to defeat. After the cloak and dagger trick Lina orchestrated in order to save the prince, Lorenzo de Medici, Piero is not giving up without a fight. Seeing Lina as the only light his life ever had, he sets out to woo a married woman, no matter who or what he tears down in the process. When his aggressive attempt to make Lina run away with him goes awry, Piero barely survives a two-story fall from the Medici Palace balcony. Caught in a coma between life and death, Piero must decide which is more important: fighting or forgiveness.

Fueled by anger and vengeance, Carità DelCuore is out for blood – Medici blood. Bitter and outraged over her father’s unjust imprisonment for crimes he didn’t commit, Carità finds herself in the right place at the right time as the real culprit falls off the Medici Palace balcony, practically into her lap. Doing everything she can to nurse the man back to help in order to get the answers she needs to free her father, Cartià is taken by the nameless man when he regains consciousness. Will she give her heart to a nameless man or will she seek revenge on the Medici’s rendering an eye for an eye?

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